Friday, August 24, 2012

Lincoln's room

I haven't posted about a major home improvement project in a long, long time.  Does that mean we haven't done anything?  No way!  So, on the eve of our next major project (the pink master bathroom), I'll let you know what we did last winter/spring. :o)

At the beginning of March we moved Lincoln from what had been his room on the main level to his new room upstairs.  This bedroom has served many purposes and gone through many changes.  Here are some pictures from when we originally looked at the house:

When we first moved in we ripped out the carpet and repainted the walls to serve as a guest room.  Many friends and family stayed there.  When Austin changed jobs in December 2009 and started working from home, it also became his temporary office.

But the ultimate plan was to make it Lincoln's room.  A year ago we moved the queen size bed to Emily's room and bought a new single bed for Lincoln with built-in drawers and shelves.  I also repainted the room blue.   We didn't actually move Lincoln until the beginning of March 2012.  Later that month we had all the hardwood floors in the house refinished.  Then I accessorized and decorated.  I kept waiting to take final pictures until everything was finished, but "finished" is a relative term.  So here is what it looks like now:

The lamp and wall decals were part of a matching set from Target.  I actually have some matching valence panels, too--the first curtains I've ever purchased and not sewn myself.  Unfortunately, after sitting in the package for almost a year, I recently pulled them out only to discover they need a major hem job before they would work.  :o(  Given my recent track record on sewing projects (I have material for kitchen curtains that has been sitting in the bag for over 2 years) and the fact that not a single other window in our house has curtains (they all have blinds), I decided not to wait any longer for the reveal.

Lincoln loves his room, and I love the way it turned out.  By now we really don't use the changing table anymore.  Soon I'll convert to toy shelves or something.  A room is never finished! :o)

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