Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bike ride and birdwatching

Saturday was a perfectly gorgeous day.  Austin had some errands to run, so the kids & I set off on a bike ride.  I was happy that Emily readily agreed to go.  She has been avoiding her bike after a standoff over training wheels, but I recently took it in for a tune-up that fixed a few minor issues and reset the training wheels.  We headed for the Brookwood Loop, but stopped to explore a soft trail (i.e. not paved) on foot that went along the Cedar River.  I had never been down it before.  With the low river level, we were able to climb down to a beach/sandbar area to observe minnows and throw rocks. 

We finished our bike loop and then decided to cross another item off our bucket list by going birdwatching at Babcock Woods.  Emily took a field trip to the bird hut in Preschool last spring.  It was easy to find and a really great set-up.  We opened the windows, put a scoop of sunflower seeds in one of the feeders hanging on a wire and attracted a female cardinal in less than 5 minutes!  Emily & I quickly discovered that Lincoln is not a very good birdwatcher.  He's a tad too noisy and active. ;o)  We then strolled along the trails through the woods.  It's kind of hard, though, when the kids have different agendas.  Emily was collecting interesting nature objects but was constantly moving along the trail.  Lincoln was more interested in finding acorns and then dropping them/burying them in holes dug by small animals along the trail.  All in all it was a fun outing and a great way to explore nature close to home!

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