Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tomato stand

As previously mentioned, we have a bumper crop of tomatoes.  After sharing buckets with family and friends, the kids & I decided to set up a tomato stand in the front yard.  It only took two customers and less than 20 minutes to make $3.50 and sell out.  Emily caught the entrepreneurial bug and wanted to sell lemonade, too.  Unfortunately, I did not have the time or patience to do that today.  There should be another big round of tomatoes ready early next week!

**Note to readers:  After falling almost two weeks behind in blogging, I have put up more than 10 new posts in the last day or two.  If you're reading this on the actual blog site, please click on "Older Posts" when you get to the bottom to make sure you've read all the new ones.  If you normally read posts on Google Reader, you might want to consider checking out the July 24 "Farming" post via the link.  For some reason a bunch of the pictures aren't showing up in Google Reader.  Thanks!**

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