Saturday, August 18, 2012

Last days of summer

The kids & I have been enjoying the relatively schedule-free last weeks of summer.  In addition to actually being able to play outside again, Emily & Lincoln have hauled out and played with lots of different toys.  Here are some random snapshots...

Emily put together almost all the jigsaw puzzles on the floor of her room.  She discovered that the 100-piece puzzles in this set have exact matching shapes, so she was trying to put the zebra puzzle together based on the underlying shape of the lion puzzle rather than the picture.

Lincoln was being silly with the container that normally holds all the train tracks.  I call this his "mad cheese" face.  Also of note: Lincoln wore his new Thomas pajamas the entire day and never got dressed.

This "dumping" game soon became a "sorting" game.  Emily did pretty well with the sorting part until the end.  Lincoln was little help.  Plus, he now thinks that every day is a dumping day.  :op

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