Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bremer County Fair

It was Bremer County Fair week--and it was a hot one.  The kids & I walked over Tuesday afternoon to check out the rabbit and poultry tent, as well as the petting zoo.  We also walked through the 4-H building and scouted out the amusement rides.

On Wednesday night all four of us headed over for our free hamburgers from the Bremer County Cattlemen Association.  Then each kid got to pick two things to do on the midway.  Lincoln went first on the airplane ride.  Emily chose a really lame fishing game with a guaranteed prize of a stuffed snake (woo-hoo!).  Then they both went on the mini Ferris wheel together.  Lincoln had been talking about nothing else since fair week had begun.  He was a little hesitant when it first started, but was smiling big at the end.

 Then it was time for my favorite part--big ice cream sundaes from the Dairy Producers booth! :o)

We finished up the evening by going back to the petting zoo and walking through all the animal barns.  It's a fun little county fair to have so close to home!

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