Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First day of Kindergarten!

Today was the big day!  Emily has been counting down the days until Kindergarten since the end of July.  In preparation for shifting sleep patterns, we bought a little alarm clock that we had been slowing setting earlier for the last five days.  Emily was so excited for school, she was up and dressed to the shoes by 6:20am.  She even slept on top of her covers so she wouldn't have to make her bed in the morning.  :o)

We didn't actually leave for school until 8:00am.  All four of us hiked walked the 12 blocks uphill to West Cedar Elementary.  We waited until Emily's class walked into the building.  I teared up but didn't cry.  Lincoln started bawling when we turned to leave.  I think it was more because he wanted to stay and watch the excitement of all the kids and school buses more than missing Emily. ;o)

This is Emily with her teacher, Sara Nuss, and a girl named Madison who sits at her table.
All lined up
There she goes!
So what did Lincoln & I do?  We had a huge shopping/errand day in Waterloo.  It included a special lunch date at the new Noodles & Company by the mall.  We both gave it two thumbs up!

Lincoln & I got home just in time to walk back to school to pick Emily up in the afternoon.  Lincoln was so excited to wear his new Thomas backpack and see the school buses again.

Emily's first comment was, "It was fun, but it's a long day!  I think I need a nap!"  I could have used a nap at that point, too!  She was so tired she rode home in the double stroller while Lincoln walked and showed off the pretty red leaf he had found.  It was a great way to start the new school year!

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cobo said...

Part of me can't believe Emily's in Kdgtn and part of me is amazed she's not a 4th grader. I have a feeling she'll love school and it's a great sign that she's very concerned about the rules...although my money is on her "reminding" other students about the rules more than once. :)