Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paper village

Emily had an early dismissal today at 12:40pm because of the heat (her classroom is not air-conditioned).  So what did she do with her free afternoon?  She created an entire village out of paper and tape.  She spent two hours making it and an hour playing with it.  Can you spy a slide, a swing and five garages with vehicles parked inside?

She later added a construction site and a bridge to the other counter.  The original bridge was made of a single strip of Scotch tape.  Good thing I stocked up with the school supplies! ;o)


cobo said...

Adam has had an early out every day since school started (only the Middle School is air-conditioned) so he gets the best of both worlds! Love Emily's paper village--reminds me what my desk at TFCC looked like after trying to figure out different ways to fold cartons. Will help her a lot when they come to geometry...might be a while before they cover that :)

Sarah Craft said...

That is awesome! Her imagination blows me away. Good work, Emily!