Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rocket ship

Emily has been enjoying a new set of books we bought this summer that includes lots of experiments and projects.  Today she begged to make the rocket ship from the section on Space.  We simplified it quite a bit by using an orange juice carton for the ship and Legos for the accessories instead of constructing everything out of cardboard boxes and paper.  I even found a can of silver spray paint in the basement. 

Ready to blast off!
Speeding through the solar system
Can you recognize all the planets?
The Lorenzen family sleeping in their space beds (Daddy is driving in the chair).
These are the "day trip" accessories since not everything fit inside.  I made the couch, and Emily made the rest.
Of course, Lincoln wanted one, too.  By shear luck, we had a second juice carton that was almost gone.  He didn't care what color it was and enjoyed his simplified version just as much as Emily.

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cobo said...

Looks fun! We haven't done too many craft projects...unless you count letting Ryan use a whole sheet of charity-drive address labels to decorate a coloring book page! Oh, and we did make a pig sock puppet out of a holey sock today. I should really put some effort into figuring out fun things for him to make. I'm sure there's nothing on Pinterest to help me out with that. :)