Friday, August 24, 2012

Home Office

Our house has a really nice room in the front that technically counts as a bedroom, but is more like a den.  Because of its proximity to our master bedroom, we used it as Lincoln's room up until this spring.  We knew it would eventually become our home office--especially after Austin started working from home--so we never really did anything with it.  I hated it.  It was a great room that was blah from floor to ceiling.  I couldn't wait until the day it had some color on the walls!  Here's what it looked like when we looked at the house:

The picture makes it look better than it really was.  The carpet, walls, curtains and everything were all the same almondy color as the rest of the house.  Not to mention a gross ceiling fan.  There is a large double-door closet with two sets of built-in drawers (see above). 

This is what it looked like when were getting ready to move Lincoln upstairs:
I actually hadn't taken down the heavy valences and added some colorful toys to the room until recently.  Also, the room-darkening mini blinds stayed closed most of the time because Lincoln mostly just slept in the room and it was a pain opening and closing six different sets of blinds. 

After successfully moving Lincoln upstairs at the beginning of March, Austin painted the room a bright yellow, installed new blinds and temporarily reassembled his desk in the middle of the room until the floors got refinished.

We each got a new desk, which turned into a bit of a hassle.  (We've got an extra if you're interested!)  Again, I kept waiting until things were "finished" to take pictures.  I even have material purchased for a valance curtain, but it's still hanging on the blinds with clips like it's supposed to look when it's "finished."  So, here are the reveal pictures:

Can you guess which desk is mine and which one is Austin's?  I admit to taking a little extra care to straighten up my desk for this picture.  Austin's desk pretty much always looks like that.  Austin's job and goal is to eliminate the use for paper as much as possible.  My job is to manage all kinds of papers. 

I'm excited about how my bulletin board turned out.  I covered it using scrapbooking paper and made signs on the computer.  I have the beginnings of some organizational systems going.  After a hasty move into the new space, I have not taken the time to really sit down and sort through things like I want or need to.  The closet with all the drawers also has some great potential with a little TLC.  But I'll save that for another post when it's "finished." ;o)

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Sarah Craft said...

I wish I had your energy and enthusiasm! Good work!