Sunday, August 19, 2012

3 years + 3 months

I tried very hard to get Lincoln to smile without closing his eyes.  This was the result...

Part of bribing him to sit in the chair for a picture is letting him take a picture of me.  Except he kept turning the camera around backwards and taking pictures of himself.

 Finally a halfway decent picture of me (cropped).

Anyway, another month has passed with this loveable goofball named Lincoln.  It's hard to know where to start!  Potty training is probably the best place.  Lincoln has been doing great!  After spending lots of time in the bathroom together, we are well on our way.  And by "we" I mean both Lincoln & I.  He is pretty much willing to sit on the toilet whenever I ask and goes almost every time.  So it's really a matter of me remembering to have him go often enough.  He wears underwear during the day and a diaper at night.  He has even woken up dry a couple times.  I actually returned an unopened box of diapers to Target.  Hooray!  This time around has been much less stressful and has seemed to just come naturally.  I'm glad I waited until he was ready instead of trying to force the issue.

Lincoln has a new found love for everything Curious George.  He has ditched his Thomas the Train pillow pet and puppy blanket and now uses a stuffed Curious George as a pillow and a Curious George fleece tie blanket as covers.  We read Curious George before bed, and he falls asleep listening to Curious George audio CD's.  We have lots of CG stuff because Emily went through a similar phase.  However, they both still love Thomas, too. :o)

We're currently working on correcting pronouns.  Lincoln refers to everyone as "he" regardless of gender.  This drives Emily nuts.  Lincoln has also started picking his fingernails where Emily left off.  This drives me nuts. :op

Lincoln has been extremely curious about noises lately.  Several times a day he asks, "What's that noise?"  It has been everything from the ticking of a wall clock to the public address announcer drifting from the football field.

Lincoln is still very much a mama's boy.  Daddy can't do anything as long as Mommy is around--especially wash his face after supper.  It was so bad one night that after Lincoln knocked his sippy cup on the floor during supper and Austin picked it up, Lincoln started bawling and put it back on the floor pointing to me to pick it up.  It stayed there until he got thirsty enough to get it himself.  I still love my little buddy, though!

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