Monday, August 27, 2012

Dirt & leaves

One of Lincoln's favorite activities lately has been digging in the dirt wherever he can find a patch of bare ground.  He usually requires a hose down in the bathtub before being let loose in the house again.  Today he was wearing his favorite "buh-do-zuh-zuh" (bulldozer) shirt.  I couldn't decide on a favorite picture, so I made a collage of all of them. :o)

Our bushes seem to be throwing in the towel early this year and have started dropping leaves.  Lincoln has also enjoyed raking them up and jumping in them.

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Sarah Craft said...

CJ lives for dirt, rocks and sticks. I bet Lincoln and CJ could make some serious messes together. With Kate in school I end up having to give CJ a bath about once a day because she spends so much time playing in dirt. It's good for their immunity!