Tuesday, August 21, 2012

School organization

We had a great summer, but with the new school year beginning I am looking forward to getting back into regular routines and doing some more organizing!  Every organizing book/article/blog I have read says dealing with the onslaught of school/activity papers is one of the biggest ongoing challenges they face.  This is my first attempt at a system to deal with it:

Hanging in the kitchen by the mail counter is a five-slot wall organizer for incoming papers, stuff for certain people, and papers that need to be returned to school.  The dry-erase calendar is now the visible schedule for everyone in the house and will include special notes and the supper menu for that day on the right.  The printed calendar is the school lunch menu.  The flip packet of sheet protectors is a routine checklist for Emily for three specific time periods: morning, after school and evening.  They will eventually be specific for each day (such as when to wear P.E. clothes and if certain activities are on certain days).  I'm going to wait a couple weeks to see how our schedule shakes out before making one for each day.  Emily loves checking things off the list.  She can even use a dry-erase marker if she wants.

Although she's just in Kindergarten, Emily will start having homework, so I put together a fun "homework center" on the table in the play area.  Emily is super excited and has pretty much turned it into her secondary art desk.

I have many more organizing projects in mind.  I hope to be sharing some more with you soon!

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Sarah Craft said...

I've been thinking about how to manage all of our school papers too. Although I have not yet come up with a system. Kate is only three days in and she has come home with a significant number of things that need to be kept, not just for future use but things she hopes to keep. Our filing cabinet is also broken so that isn't helping matters. :) I can't wait to read more about your organizing suggestions...what has worked for you, what has not. Keep us posted and good luck!