Tuesday, July 24, 2012


We did a lot of farming during our visit.  On Tuesday, Lincoln & I spent most of the morning on the dairy farm.  Lincoln got to help collect milk bottles from the calves and collect silage bags in the tractor with Grandpa.

We went back to the farm in the late afternoon with Emily, my mom, sister and nephew because my dad was getting ready to pull a calf.  I saw this amazing sight multiple times the summer I helped my dad with the morning milking, but my mom never has. 

It was pretty exciting for everyone until the end when it came all the way out and my dad realized it had a birth defect that caused it to bleed out.  We quickly ushered the kids outside and assisted with feeding the 39 bottle calves they currently have on the farm.

We also checked out the milk parlor in action and met my aunt's new horse.

Lincoln loved the farm and didn't want to leave.  He talked about going back all the time.  On the way home Emily declared she was never going to be a farmer because they have to work hard, it gets messy and they have to take two showers a day.  Pretty sure she's going to end up in a desk job.  I channeled my inner farm girl again the next day actually working for my dad.  They desperately needed to get the hay cut and chopped and were short on help, so I spent part of the morning and part of the afternoon driving the tractor to cut hay.  I did this last summer, too.  It was very relaxing and enjoyable once I got the hang of it.  It makes me really wish we were a couple hundred miles closer and Lincoln was 10 years older.

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