Monday, July 30, 2012

5 years + 9 months

The countdown to Kindergarten has begun!  At any given moment Emily can tell you how many days are left until she gets to go to Kindergarten.  She has commented more than once, "Mom, I wish it was three weeks from now so I could go to Kindergarten!"  Needless to say, she is very excited.  I'm having mixed feelings.  It's starting to hit me what a huge milestone this is, and how life will never look the same again, and that she'll be exposed to all kinds of worldly things that have not been a part of her life up until this point.  All of that terrifies me.  On the other hand, she has reached a point that most kids do at the end of summer where she just needs something new and exciting to do with some structured activities with new people. 

One of her favorite activities continues to be playing with the trains/tracks.  She has stepped it up a notch by naming one of the generic engines "Amelia" and declaring herself to be boss of the railroad--basically a shrieky, naggy version of Sir Topham Hatt.  Lincoln continues to ignore her for the most part, which usually results in louder shrieking and nagging.  She often has to take "timeouts" from playing with trains when my nerves start to wear too thin.

Emily also loves to do activity books.  If you give her anything with mazes, word searches, crosswords, rebuses, etc. she'll be occupied for hours.  She has a renewed interest in coloring with crayons (as opposed to markers), and still does "projects".

Emily's somewhat annoying habit of humming all the time has all but disappeared.  However, several new, even more annoying habits have emerged.  These include (but are not limited to) single-pitch whistling by either blowing out or sucking in, making a loud hooting sound that is supposed to be a train horn/whistle, making spit bubbles between her lips, subconsciously putting her fingers in her mouth, blowing on people and constantly curling her hair around her ears--usually while talking.  I really hope some of these disappear in time for Kindergarten!

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