Saturday, July 21, 2012

Heritage Days Parade

It was Heritage Days in Waverly this weekend, which means a big parade on Saturday morning.  My MOPS group ended up deciding not to walk in it, but Austin pulled the Bremer County GOP float.  Lincoln decided to "drive the truck" with Daddy.  Emily was most concerned about maximizing her candy collection potential, so she opted to sit along the parade route with me.  Both kids had fun and got plenty of candy.  Here are some snapshots:
Emily waved to all the parade entries

Here comes Lincoln & Austin with the big elephant!
Lincoln had fun "driving" the truck with Daddy, although as soon as he saw me he wanted out.  Luckily, I was sitting two blocks from the end of the parade route.
You know you're in Iowa when...
Groveling for candy in the dusty street.  I decided this is really not cute to watch--especially when it's the adults doing the groveling.

Enjoying a piece of treasure
Emily made a sign so Daddy would see her.  She wanted to make sure it stood out, so she wrote, "Hola Padre"
The kids enjoyed the parade so much they decided to have one of their own as soon as they got home.  Here's the line-up, complete with a tractor and an American flag (and all the vehicles have drivers).
The parade even had an audience lining the "street".

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