Thursday, July 19, 2012

3 years + 2 months

Lincoln is sporting some of his favorite pj's in this month's picture.  He has made more developmental strides this month.  For the first time, he has attempted, and somewhat succeeded, at drawing different shapes.  He has also started to play a lot more pretend and make-believe.  Much of this takes place during the hours he pushes trains around the wooden tracks.

Accompanying the pretend play has been a sharp increase in the scope and complexity of Lincoln's vocabulary and speech.  It often takes me by surprise.  His most common phrase right now is, "Guess what, Mom?!?"  The answer to the this question is often, "I have a new meeting."  When asked what the meeting is about, the answer is usually, "Jesus."  Ever since attending VBS in June he talks about "going to meetings".  Sunday school is also called his "meeting".

We're making slow but steady progress on the potty training, too.  We had a couple 4-day streaks (including during our vacation) where we didn't have to change a dirty diaper because he did his business in the toilet every day.

Besides pushing trains and going to "meetings", some of Lincoln's favorite things are helping Mom water plants, helping Dad wash vehicles, ignoring his bossy sister and playing outside despite the heat.

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