Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nebraska Vacation Day 3

Thursday was our service day.  In order to make the group trip fun for everyone, families take turns helping with childcare and prepping and cleaning up a meal during the week.  I played with the kids in Lincoln's age group (2-4) during the adult small group session after breakfast.  We ate our picnic sack lunch outside by the marina on one of the small lakes (more like a pond).  Then we rented a paddleboat.  It was blazing hot out in the sun, but we saw a turtle, an otter and lots of dragonflies and minnows.  We also fed the big fish by the dock.  It was hilarious listening to Emily try to be a backseat driver.

I also had everyone pose for a family picture in our matching t-shirts. They were thrilled! ;o)

We got good naps in before heading to the campsite area to help prepare the evening meal.  They have an amazing set up with a chuckwagon housing a large stove and grill as well as a large freezer and fridges.  There was a second trailer with all the serving tables, dishes, utensils and dry food.  Everything was under canopies.  Our meal was hamburgers & hot dogs.  Austin manned the grill.  We also helped wash dishes afterwards.  They have quite the system set up, complete with a portable sink & garbage disposal set in a piece of countertop!  Since it was the last night, Austin also helped out with tearing down and packing up everything in the trailers.  He noted that grilling and helping at the campsite was his favorite part of the trip.

I was mostly just a helper where needed.  After two days of declaring she was bored a lot, Emily spent the entire time (nearly 4 hours) engrossed in the Magic Tree House: Games and Puzzles from the Tree House book I saved for an occasion such as this.  Lincoln mostly just played in the dirt.  It was fun to serve our fellow campers!

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