Monday, August 17, 2009

Grandpa Boote comes to visit

My dad (a.k.a. Grandpa Boote) was not able to make it to our house after Lincoln was born or when we started working on the Waverly house or moving weekend because of field & farm work. He had a few free days last week and made the trip. It was perfect timing because Austin was out of town for business.
I had plenty of projects waiting for my dad--including finishing his own guest room! He got a bed, hung the ceiling fan and put up the new blinds. Emily supervised. ;o) Dad also came in handy when we woke up after a 3 inch rain on Wednesday night and found water pooling in the basement. He was able to pull the plugs in the floor drain to let it drain away and help me move some boxes that had gotten wet. Good thing we caught it right away! He also helped finish up at the Denver house. I'm definitely glad to be done with that forever!

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