Saturday, August 1, 2009

Waverly House Renovation Day 2

Today was a very full day. After a big breakfast we all eventually headed to Waverly. Austin & Rod spent the entire day scraping ceilings and finished the whole house except for the bathrooms, which will be gutted anyway at a future date. Angie & I alternated between taking care of kids, cleaning up after the guys and scraping wallpaper. We definitely decided it was worth it to rent a steamer from the hardware store. It's still going to take forever to get that crazy stuff off. We also took the kids to Wal-mart for the second of many expensive trips for paint and other random supplies. Since we knew we would be standing around pondering paint colors for awhile we made sure Lincoln was asleep and we strapped the portable DVD player to the inside of the shopping cart for Emily to watch Curious George. It worked great and we even got out of a trip to the pet department to look at the fish! ;o) Emily was ecstatic to be dropped of at the "castle park" with Angie for awhile afterwards. She's been talking about doing that for 2 days. Emily did great the whole day playing with her puzzles and watching videos in the "play area" we set up. After friends delivered pizza I took the kids home to go to bed and Angie stayed to paint the entire guest bedroom while Austin & Rod finished ceilings. We are so thankful for great friends to help!

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Uuhh...What? said...

Hope the wallpaper is coming off okay! Sounds like it's been quite the task. I'd be sick of remodeling already if I were you but looks like you won't run out of projects anytime soon. Emily looks like she's being a big help, haha. Glad your friends are so willing to help! Sorry we can't be there to assist.