Wednesday, August 19, 2009

3 months old

Lincoln is 3 months old today! He has perfected gurgling and also likes to blow bubbles. He's generally very happy as long as someone is paying attention to him and willing to hold a conversation. :o) He can hold his head up quite well and can even maneuver himself around a bit by pushing off with his legs when lying down. I don't think it's a conscious effort, though.

We have discovered that Lincoln is a bit ticklish under the arms. He giggles almost every time his shirt/onesie is changed. He also seems to love being outside. It takes a very conscious effort to do that these days since I always have a hundred things to do inside the house.

Lincoln definitely went through his 3-month growth spurt. I'm very curious to get him weighed this week since I haven't in awhile. His once reliable 3-4 hour afternoon nap has been replaced by several 20-30 minute snoozes. That's not so great for getting any sort of unpacking or projects done around the house. But we love our little boy!

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