Monday, August 24, 2009

Emily's new room

We finished up painting over the weekend and moved Emily into her new room upstairs last night. She was very excited. I was worried that she would have a hard time transitioning to being upstairs by herself and with the bed in the middle of the room instead of up against the wall. But we had no problems at all. We decided to establish the rule that at bedtime she has to stay in her bed and can't wander around playing. This rule is going to be enforced thanks to a really cool video monitor with night vision. Austin & I were entertained watching her antics--especially since she actually took a nap in the afternoon and wasn't a bit tired when we put her to bed. There is a short video clip in the August video player. She did very well with staying in her bed. As soon as her feet hit the ground I just had to step on the bottom stair and she immediately got back into bed. After tearing the carpet up from the stairs and upstairs bedrooms there is enough creaking and squeaking of the hardwood floors that no movements can be hidden. That might turn out to not be such a bad thing with kids! I'll post more pictures of her room once it's a little more "finished" and has stuff hanging up on the walls.


Julie Ulven said...

Love Emily's room! She is so cute. Mieke has five toothbrushes she carries around and we find them everywhere. We are lucky to have at least one in the bathroom to actually use. Anxious to see the paint job someday.

Heather's Henhouse said...

Very cute and "little girlish"!