Saturday, July 20, 2013

Waverly Heritage Days

It was Waverly Heritage Days this weekend.  We are lucky that the parade route is just two blocks from our house.  I was hoping our international student would take the kids this year, but she was unavailable, so I made the short walk hauling lawn chairs and water bottles.  It was actually a gorgeous day for a parade.  Since we're at the end of a 1.5 mile parade route, it took 30 min. to get to our street.  The kids waited (sort of) patiently with their candy buckets.

The pooch sitting across the street had it made in the shade.  Yes, that is a meticulously groomed poodle in a special pink dog stroller with a mesh rain/bug cover.  The owner might consider spending a little less on dog pampering and a little more on a longer pair of shorts. ;o)

There weren't a lot of tractors, but the first 10 minutes of the parade was nothing but fire trucks from no less than seven different communities in both Bremer and Butler County.  I hope there weren't any 911 calls during the parade!  The kids enjoyed waving at everyone.

Here is Lincoln sporting a promotional hat giveaway.  Not a bad idea for a warm, sunny day!

This float won the decorating contest.  The theme this year was "Fun in the Sun".

 This was one of my favorites: four different scaled models of a Radio Flyer wagon.

After about 45 minutes of a 1 hour+ parade, Emily decided she was hot and her candy bag was full enough, so we headed home early.  I didn't complain.  We can check off "See a parade" from our summer bucket list!

There are also fireworks at night shot off from the fairgrounds, which are also two blocks from our house.  The kids & I walked to a spot just outside the grounds to view the show and beat the crowd home.  Lincoln was camped out and ready to go, although he was more interested in playing with the flashlight we brought along.  Emily cowered in a chair with her hands over her ears. 

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