Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kitchen Day 8: Electrical = Stress

Remodeling is stressful business.  This picture sums up my feelings by noon today:

We were surprised (and thrilled) to get a phone call that the electricians would be able to come today.  They knocked on the door at 8:30am when I was the only one out of bed yet.  That meant I had to scramble and decide where to put all the recessed can lights before leaving for swimming lessons at 10:30am.  After Austin marked out floor joists and taking some advice from the electrician, I marked out the 10 holes.  When I got home from the kids' swimming lessons, Austin had hit floor joists on 3 out 4 holes he had drilled.  Doh!  With our thick plaster ceilings, a regular stud finder gives a lot of false positives.  So I had to make adjustments and he re-drilled.

Working together, Austin and the electrician solved most of the wiring mysteries.  They will end up pulling and completely re-wiring the entire kitchen.  It will require the addition of a sub-panel to our electrical box, but it will be a relief to have every appliance on its own circuit like it's supposed to be, along with properly divided outlet circuits.

Below is a picture with the ceiling holes drilled and the dangling wires gone, plus the underlayment finished.  My favorite part of this picture is the way you can see how the setting sun will shine all the way through the west picture window and light up the bar area.

My other highlight for the day was to be the one to personally hurl the detestable kitchen ceiling fan/light fixture into the dumpster.  Disgusting didn't begin to describe it.  I have been waiting for this moment for a long time!

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