Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fair time!

It's Bremer County Fair time!  This afternoon some senior 4-Hers hosted a craft/science event for kids.  They made marshmallow shooters and tye-dyed drawstring bags using markers and rubbing alcohol.

At night we got our free hamburgers from the Cattlemen's Association.  Then we checked out the petting zoo and animal barns.  Lincoln was more excited than Emily.  She thought everything smelled bad.

Lincoln loved the goats wearing "swimming suits" as he described them.

We bought one pack of ride tickets and let the kids pick and choose what they wanted to do.  Lincoln was all about doing everything.  Emily had been talking about going on the big ferris wheel for a week since she's now tall enough, but chickened out.  Lincoln loved the mini ferris wheel.  He REALLY wanted to go on the giant Hurricane ride that made the cool noise you could hear from our house.  He's going to have to grow another foot and find someone else to ride it with him because just looking at the ride makes me sick. :op

And my favorite fair tradition: ice cream from the Dairy Promotors booth.  A great way to end a great day!

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