Friday, July 19, 2013

4 years + 2 months

Look at that handsome little guy!  Lincoln is loving summer.  Between the construction and playing outside, life is good.  Last year he had permanently skinned knees.  This summer it seems like he has permanently stubbed/skinned toes.  It doesn't slow him down, though!

I have managed to transition Lincoln from Carnation Breakfast Essentials chocolate mix in 2% white milk to regular 1% chocolate milk.  It might not be quite as healthy, but it's a lot more convenient.  It also means we were able to eliminate the sippy cups used to constantly shake it up.

It was obvious from swimming lessons that Lincoln does not like getting his head wet.  This carries over to bath time, too.  He screams bloody murder when you attempt to wash his hair--even if it only consists of 3-4 cups of water poured over to rinse it out.  He's perfectly fine after it's done, but man, you would think he was being tortured to death.  He probably won't be taking showers any time soon.

Some of the funny names Lincoln has for things are "slissors" for scissors, "ganilla bars" for granola bars and "air-canishing" for air conditioning.

Here are some snap shots Lincoln took with the camera.  It's interesting to see things from his perspective:

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