Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Reading Program

We sort of participated in the Summer Reading Program at the library this year.  We signed up about a month late.  Emily finished her reading list in approximately 48 hours.  Lincoln finished his within a week.  We didn't make it to any of the extra activities/programming.  By chance I happened to see on Facebook that the final program and prize drawings were today.  There was a magic show first that the kids thoroughly enjoyed.  Then they drew names for the bikes (remember that Emily won one last year) and tons of other prizes donated by local businesses.  Lincoln was one of the first ones drawn.  He picked out a big plastic truck.  Emily (sort of) patiently waited for her name to be drawn.  She was thrilled that the Wartburg baby socks were still available for her dolls.  There were also long tables on the way out where everyone could pick two things.  I really tried to steer the kids towards the coupons for free dollar menu items from McDonald's.  However, They insisted on things like cheap goggles, animal-shaped erasers and a stuffed bunny. 

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