Thursday, July 11, 2013

Flags and Games

The kids were all about flags today.  Emily made an impressive American flag out of yarn pieces.  She also made a 4th of July flag for next year's celebration using paper and a yard stick.  Of course, Lincoln thought he needed a flag, too.  I happened to be sorting through pictures on the computer, so he wanted one printed for his own flag.

After supper, the kids (and I) needed a diversion, so I hauled out some new lawn games.  The first was a bocce ball set we received from our wedding registry ten years ago that still had the tags and original packaging.  The kids enjoyed the game, but Lincoln has a lot to learn about strategy and technique, and Emily sort of cheated by always throwing the pallino (small target ball) super close to her end, so the games ended up being very one-sided between them.

Considering the weight of the bocce balls, this picture does not bode well.
That's better!
Next was a brand new ladder golf set purchased on sale at Target last week.  Assembly was quite tedious and included digging in the big dumpster to rescue the picture from the packaging since the directions were in black & white and very unclear.  It also took a while for the kids to get the hang of throwing the stringed balls.  There were some very interesting techniques used!  This game ended after Emily purposely threw one set of balls into the tree and I refused to attempt to get it down.

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