Friday, July 5, 2013

Kitchen Day 3: Another door and an opening

We had some good friends come to help out today.  Mike and Austin worked on putting in the new door to the deck.  We replaced the original 29" door with a rotting wood threshold in which neither the wood interior nor exterior storm door latched, let alone sealed, with a new 32" door moved over a foot.  Austin finished re-doing all the siding, too, which is a long, tedious process with a double layer of cedar planks.


After lunch, Kevin came and conquered the main part of the plaster wall between the kitchen/dining area to truly "open up" the kitchen.  Unfortunately, some unexpected wiring was discovered after it had been sliced through with a reciprocating saw (don't worry, the power was off).

And what was I doing during all this time?  I was deep-cleaning the bathrooms and kids' rooms, which included dusting blinds and ceiling fans, finishing the dreaded job of packing away outgrown, seasonal clothing and returning all the books to Emily's room, which is no small task.  (They were removed last weekend as a consequence to some obedience issues we were having.)  I also did six loads of laundry, all my quarter-end bookwork and caught up on some other long-neglected computer work.  Even if I'm not directly helping with the remodeling project, I am accomplishing a LOT and thoroughly enjoying my mommy vacation.  I am especially enjoying the silence and solitude.  Aside from the audio book I'm listening to, I'm pretty sure I have heard and spoken fewer words in a couple days than I normally would in a single morning.  This is very restful to me.

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