Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kitchen: Texturing

Today was texture day since the kitchen/laundry area had never been textured, and the new walls and patches needed it, too.  A friend of a friend had the equipment and came over after work.  He called to say he was coming earlier than expected, so it was a mad dash to get everything covered that we didn't want textured (including the ceiling and floor).  Every rounded edge had to be taped, too, because we wanted the rounded part textured but not the flat door frames.  Instead of dealing with unruly and expensive plastic, we opted to use newspaper from the recycling bin.  Austin spent two hours taping and I spent about four hours.  It was probably overkill, but I wanted to be sure.  The caption to my Facebook post was "A work of art or an exercise in madness?!?"  The answer: Both.  Here is a collage of what the rooms looked like and a cool panorama picture I took with my phone...

The actual texturing took less than 30 min.  It took at least that long to tear off all the tape and newspaper later.  Maddening but necessary.

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