Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kids' Vacation

The kids really enjoyed their vacation in Hull.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and they got to do a lot of fun things thanks to Grandpa & Grandma Boote and Auntie Abbie & Uncle Wade.  Here the photos my mom and sister texted me over the last few days:

The first night the kids talked Grandpa & Grandma into having a campfire with S'mores because they remembered doing it last year.  They also had fun playing at "The Dinosaur Park" (a.k.a. Hubbling Park).  They are pictured with Sophie, the daughter of my second cousin, Cindy, who was in my graduating class in high school and who beats me regularly at Words With Friends.

Emily enjoying a picnic breakfast after sleeping in until 9:00am
One of the big things Emily had been looking forward to was golfing with Uncle Wade.  They had to go in shifts because there wasn't enough room on the cart for everyone (including Cousin Saylor).

Both kids loved driving the golf cart.  Abbie said they had a lot of work to do on Lincoln's golf game, but he was a waaaay better cart driver than Emily.

Another thing the kids were excited about was going swimming at the beautiful new aquatic center in Hull.  They went three times.  Emily got braver each time on the lily pads and slide.  Lincoln was content to be a shore dweller near the fountains and never got deeper than his thighs.

Emily found the 50 Card Games for Kids book we had growing up and had fun learning different versions of Solitaire, as well as playing "Trash".  Word has it that she & Uncle Wade are quite the pair.

Hull has a wooden park called "Kids' Kingdom" just like Waverly.  It had just been freshly painted and stained.
The kids accompanied my mom on her daily trip to the nursing home to visit my Grandpa Vander Kooi.  Lincoln enjoyed being the doorman.

Lincoln's highlight was probably all the time spent on the farm.  He visited the home farm a couple times and got in lots of Kubota time.  He talked a lot about the hay ride down the alley track, "my friend Kevin's tools" (Kevin is my dad's brother and partner) and the stinky stuff on the farm.

The kids also got to go see the fireworks in Sioux Center on the Fourth.  The official report was that Emily tolerated them with her hands over her ears.  Lincoln thought they were the best thing ever and laughed and laughed every time one went off.

A huge thank you to my parents, sister and brother-in-law for making this a memorable experience for Emily & Lincoln!

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