Saturday, July 20, 2013

Kitchen: Cabinets

The reason I was not as excited about going to Heritage Days this year was that today was a super busy and stressful day because we hung cabinets.  Everything was crazy and hectic from the moment I woke up, and it really got to me.  I almost completely lost it by lunch time.  However, we had quiet hour and then a friend took the kids for a couple hours in the afternoon, so it got better.

Austin's brother, Tyler, came and lent us his muscles for the day.  Those cabinets are stinking heavy even without doors and shelves!  Lincoln was being goofy with the cabinet packaging.

One thing that was stressing me out was the different look of the paint color.  The picture below shows how distinctly different (gray vs. brown) the exact same paint from the same can painted minutes and feet apart looked.  "Amazing Gray" is rather perplexing! (I was expecting the color on the right.)

In general, the cabinet hanging went well.  The free-standing dishwasher panel was difficult to level and place. We also ran into a snag with the full-size oven cabinet, which I dubbed "the monster".  It was 96" tall, 33" wide and 24" deep.  Our ceilings are 98" high.  If you dust off your geometry knowledge, there is no way to tip the cabinet upright without running into the ceiling.

After standing around pondering the situation for a while, we decided that the only option was for Austin to get out his reciprocating saw and cut off the back corners enough to be able to tip the cabinet upright.  That meant the back edge/brace fell off, too.  It's a little unnerving to watch that big  (and expensive) of a cabinet be sawed off, but there was no other choice.  Thankfully, Austin got the angle right the first time, and the cabinet went up without a problem.  One side is hidden against another cabinet and the other is behind the fridge, so it doesn't matter aesthetically.   I later found out from the cabinet store that normally in that situation the toekick section is shipped loose so you can tip up the cabinet, lift it and slide the toekick part underneath.  Oh well.  It's in now!

Here are the intimidating walls of cabinets at the end of the day:

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