Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kitchen Day 9: Big helper and a big problem

It was another big electrical day as Austin & the electrician finished running all the wires.  Lincoln was very eager to help!

It was a very positive, productive day but had a very disappointing ending.  At 10:00pm I was looking at all the can light housings that Austin had finished wiring and installing.  That's when it occurred to me that the placement of one of the holes was going to be partially covered by cabinet above the fridge because that cabinet is 24" deep rather than 12" deep.  Doh!  That meant it had to be uninstalled and re-drilled 12" over.  It was also the main junction for the other can light runs.  Thankfully, the wires were still long enough to reach.  The other major discovery was a big miscommunication between me, Austin and the electrician.  They thought I had said I wanted the kitchen can lights and island pendant light on the same switch.  I meant I wanted the switches in the same place.  That will require the electrician to return and re-run the wires.  Sigh.

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Sarah Craft said...

Good thing you checked everything over! Hang in there, Megan!