Friday, May 10, 2013

Walking the dog

This weekend the kids had a sweet gig walking the neighbor's dog, PJ, for $5/day.  They picked her up at 4:00pm and took turns walking with her to the fairgrounds and back.  I was in charge of the doggie-do bag. :op 

In addition, we were in charge of feeding "Rudy the Rooster" at the fairgrounds.  Apparently a bantam rooster either escaped or got left behind after the county fair last year and took up residence in one of the livestock barns.  Our neighbor has been feeding him cracked corn all winter long.  He recognizes her car and comes running.  We saw him on Thursday when we walked with our neighbor to see what to do, but we didn't see him again.  All the corn was gone, though!

The other part of our job was to check on our 98-year-old neighbor.  The dog belongs to her daughter who lives with her full-time.  Obviously, Millie is not able to walk the dog when Jo is out of town, so that's where we came in.  We ended up visiting with Millie for 30-45 min. each day.  It's interesting talking to her, but also exhausting because she is quite deaf, so you have to basically yell the whole time.  All-in-all it was a great experience for everyone and something I'm sure we'll repeat often in the future!

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