Sunday, May 12, 2013

First tooth lost!

Emily met the deadline with two days to spare when she FINALLY pulled out her first loose tooth.  This is why it needed to come out very badly:

May 3, 2013
May 12, 2003

The hole wasn't there for long as the permanent tooth quickly moved into the correct position just as the dentist assured me it would.  Whew!  Then came the tooth fairy issue.  Emily had been talking about setting an elaborate trap with banana peels to test whether or not the tooth fairy was real.  I never did quite follow her logic, but convinced her to leave her tooth in a bowl on the kitchen counter.  She found a quarter in it the next morning.  After hounding me for 20 minutes (much like with Santa), I finally gave in and told her I was the tooth fairy.  Then she didn't believe me.  She thinks I'm tricking her into thinking I'm the tooth fairy.  I guess I can't win!  I'm just glad the first one is out and she found out it's not a big deal.  She has a least two more that are slightly loose.  Bring on the sweet corn!

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Sarah Craft said...

I'm playing blog catch-up (always!) and just read this post. Congrats to Emily for losing her first tooth. Kate has not yet lost a tooth nor does she have a single loose tooth yet. I've been dreading the tooth fairy bit because our old wood floors are so creaky I know it will be impossible to sneak into her room to replace the tooth with a shiny, quarter. So you have motivated me to skip hiding it under the pillow and just put it on the kitchen counter. Good thinking! Now Kate just needs to lose a tooth. Emily is going to start looking more grown up than ever with permanent teeth coming in!