Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Field Day

Emily's elementary school had a field day this morning.  It was a little cool and muddy, but not bad.  There were 10 different stations of activities that the kids could rotate through at their own pace with a partner. 

Emily was partners with her friend, Rachel.  

In this game they had to take off one shoe and see how many marbles they could pick up and put in their tub using their toes.
Lincoln & I volunteered to help with the hippity-hop races.

After an hour or so, everyone gathered for the large group games.  Each grade competed against the other class.  Emily's class won tug-of-war.

The last game was Ping-Pong Pop.  The grades were divided into teams of 5-6 kids.  It was a relay race where each kid took turns running to the kiddie pool in the center to fill their ice cream pail with water and bring it back to fill their team's 5-gallon bucket with a ping-pong ball in the bottom.  The first team to float the ball to the top and have it fall out won.  The twist: each ice cream pail had a dozen or so holes poked in it, so the water was streaming out on the way back to the team bucket.  It was a delightful mess for everyone with LOTS of wet socks and shoes.

Lincoln had a lot of fun at field day.  He even made a new friend on the playground.  We found out she will be in his preschool class next year. :o)

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