Thursday, May 30, 2013

6 years + 7 months

Another month has come and gone.  Emily is counting down the days until she is a first grader.  She (& I) are suffering from end-of-the-school-year fatigue.  We are both extra grumpy.  I am worried about her complaining about being bored when school is out, but she/we just need to be done and have a break! 

One effect of the fatigue has been near-constant shrill shrieking.  Sometimes I just want to hear something come out in a normal voice!  When she does speak normal, Emily's favorite "game" is to ask how many letters are in a word--e.g. congratulations.  I'm not even sure why she's asking.  She is fascinated with the idea of a spelling bee (from the American Girl Molly books) and says she needs to practice first grade words.  I'm pretty sure most first grade words aren't 8+ letters long!

Below is art work from school.  They painted flowers for May and made a guessing game picture to hang in the hallway for Mother's Day.  I figured out which one was hers right away. :)

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