Monday, May 6, 2013

American Girls

While visiting my parents over the weekend, I was dragged encouraged to shop my mom's reverse basement sale.  She had done her most thorough purging yet and was wanting to "share" some gems with me and my sisters.  Everything was free, but you had to take something else, too. ;o)  There were some fun items that brought back a lot of memories.

One of the things that ended up coming home with us was the entire doll collection from our childhood, including many handmade outfits.  My sisters & I each received a hand-made "Cabbage Patch" doll one Christmas, as well as some store-bought dolls.  No one wanted them, but Emily was thrilled.  She is really into the American Girls book series.  She immediately assigned a character to each doll and called them her American Girl dolls.  They have already provided hours of entertainment.  It was a lot of stuff to take home, but the price was right, and it just might keep her from thinking she "has to have" the real thing. ;)

Here is Emily with her favorite, "Samantha", who is wearing a dress my sister, Courtney, actually made herself in Home Ec.  Then it's the entire collection.  Some are sporting the handmade outfits.  I also dug out the tub of 0-3 month girl clothes to further expand their wardrobe.

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