Thursday, May 16, 2013

Birthday & Buddies

Lincoln got to celebrate his birthday at preschool today.  His choice for birthday treats were Thomas fruit snacks. :o)

Since it was Thursday, Owen came home with us.  I have been watching Owen on Thursday afternoons since February.  His older, third grade sister also comes home with us when I pick up Emily from school.  It has been a fantastic arrangement as Lincoln LOVES playing with Owen & Ellie.  He cries when it's not an "Owen & Ellie Day".  Emily enjoys it, too.  They are great kids, and it has been fun getting to know their parents more, too.  Today was a perfect day for lunch on the deck!

Owen & Ellie's mom is an SLP, so we'll take a break for the summer.  However, Owen & Lincoln will be in the same preschool class again next fall, and we will probably have him two afternoons per week then.

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