Sunday, May 19, 2013

4 years old

It's hard to believe Lincoln is now four!  His official measurements are 34 lbs. and 40" tall (both in the 30th percentile range).  He did great getting his last round of vaccinations.  He cried and fussed more about the band-aids on his legs than the actually shots.  We later had to go back and get a finger-prick lead test done at the hospital lab because it had been overlooked at his 2 year appointment.  That was not so fun, but he was perfectly fine as soon as the nurse applied a super cool Angry Birds band-aid and handed him some Thomas stickers. :o)

Lincoln still loves Thomas and trains.  He also loves playing Angry Birds on the Roku TV.  He does not love thunderstorms.  This is a new development this spring.  I have spent several nights laying in bed with him until the storm passes.

Lincoln has started saying more creative prayers that include references to things that have happened recently or are going to be happening that day.  He has also started taking a keen interest in picking out his own clothes.  He has the fashion sense of a 4-year-old boy and does not have a very good weather barometer, which leads to some interesting combinations.  It's not surprising to see his pants/shorts on backwards, and you can almost be guaranteed that his underwear is on backwards and probably also inside-out.

The other distinct habit Lincoln currently has is calling everyone "guy."  As in, "Hey, guy!" when the  nurses walk to their vehicles parked on our street or he meets middle-aged women in the grocery store or little girls at the park.  Some people do a double-take, and then I have to explain that he calls everyone "guy".

This is some artwork from preschool.  He has also started to write a somewhat distinguishable "Lin" to begin his name.

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D, J, and K said...

I spend many thunderstorm nights with Kale too, Megan. Next time I'm laying in bed with Kale, I'll think of you and hope you are getting some rest!