Saturday, May 25, 2013

Toothbrushing wars

We have had quite the toothbrushing drama lately.  The toddler toothpaste we had been using ran out, and that particular flavor is no longer available.  I tried twice to pick out an acceptable replacement (do you know how many versions of "berry" flavor there are?!?).  Emily threw fits claiming she was "scared of the toothpaste."  After having to forcefully brush her teeth for her, I took her to Wal-mart with her own spending money to pick out some toothpaste herself.  She ended up with Hello Kitty bubblegum flavored toothpaste (gag me!).  She also decided she REALLY wanted an electronic Hello Kitty toothbrush.  It was her money, so I said sure.  She was so proud and excited to brush her teeth.

Let's just say that character marketing works.  She didn't say anything the first time because she had to save face, but I could tell she didn't like the toothpaste flavor and the electronic toothbrush felt funny.  After a few days, she totally ditched the toothpaste in favor of one of my previous berry flavor attempts.  She claimed the toothbrush was too tickly and switched back to her manual toothbrush.  I just hope a lesson was learned here.

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cobo said...

Oh yes, character marketing works wonders! Once Ryan found out there was Jake and the NeverLand Pirates toothpaste, he refused to finish the sparkly blue kids Crest he got from the dentist. (We keep some in both bathrooms and I ended up having to buy 2 tubes of Jake to avoid having to run to the other bathroom to get the one he wanted.) He also much prefers his "Cars" toothbrush over the generic Walmart ones. But, he doesn't balk at brushing 2x/day. The dentist told him he has to get all the "sugar bugs" off and apparently that works although we have to make up elaborate habitat and eating habit answers to all his "sugar bug" creature questions.