Friday, June 21, 2013

Soccer Camp

One thing Emily had been looking forward to doing this summer is attending the Pee Wee Soccer Camp for ages 5-6 at Wartburg.  She did it last year, too.  The weather was much better this year, but overall I was pretty disappointed.  It was in two different locations with pros and cons to both.  There were fewer kids but very little individual instruction.  Emily didn't learn anything new or even improve what she already knew.  The majority of the time it seemed like she was dragging around half participating (or chewing on her hair).  Maybe it was because it was at 2:00pm and I didn't feel like being there either. :op 

Here are a few action shots when I actually remembered to take a picture:

Lincoln loved soccer camp because it meant a delayed nap time (aka "quiet hour") and prime socialization.  We had some good friends who had one daughter participating in the camp.  They always brought plenty of fun things for their other two girls (and Lincoln) to play with. :o)


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