Sunday, June 23, 2013


We finally made it to the end of Sluggers season!  Two practices plus 10 scheduled games spread over 7 weeks is just too much for this mama (and Emily as well).  I was totally over it after five games.  It didn't help that two games got rained out and rescheduled to extend the season (although the last one got rained out again and wasn't rescheduled).  I don't think I'd make a very good soccer mom! ;o)

Anyway, Emily did okay.  She seemed to get worse at batting as the season went along and ended up having to use the tee a lot, but it got better the last two games when the coach started pitching underhand to the girls.  Fielding and catching the ball, well...but she likes to run the bases!

Here are some picture highlights...

Playing catcher all dressed up in the gear (she only did it once)

Concentrating on swinging hard

Playing 1st base

Her highlight--receiving the participation trophy at the end of the season

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