Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A hike and water fun

The Kids' Adventure summer program in Hudson is run by my good friend, Julie.  Emily & Lincoln are in the same age group yet this year.  They meet from 9:00-11:30am on Tuesdays & Fridays from June through the beginning of August with a 2-week break in July for swimming lessons.  Since I have to go to Waterloo at least once/week anyway for bookkeeping (and more with the upcoming remodeling project), this was a great opportunity for the kids to have some fun, structured activities and allow me to get some much-needed shopping/errands done--even if it means some extra driving.

Besides fun games and crafts, Julie has planned a lot of neat field trips.  The first field trip was to Babcock Woods in Waverly!  We just met the bus there.  Since the path hadn't been mowed in a long time, and it was extra buggy from all the rain, the crew just took one hike around the circle and then went to Kids' Kingdom to play and eat snack.  It was Lincoln's first time riding a school bus.  I'm pretty sure that was the highlight of his day!

After the kids spent the morning in long sleeves and pants to protect against ticks & bugs, we hauled out the water table and kiddie pool for the first time in the afternoon.  Handy Hint: A fish tank gravel cleaner makes an awesome water/pool toy!  It's also the easiest way I've found to empty the kiddie pool when it's too heavy and full to be dumped out.

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