Saturday, June 22, 2013

Kitchen project: Before and The great window switch

We have been gearing up for our next big remodeling project for months now--the kitchen/dining/laundry.  We have always known we were going to gut the kitchen since we first saw the house.  After redoing every other room in the house, it's time for the last hurrah.

Instead of waiting until the project is "finished" and putting up one gigantic post (I still need to do one on the master bathroom that has been completed for 7 months now), I've decided to try and do progress posts for this one.  But no project would be complete without "before" pictures.  Below is a slide show of all the pictures I took before anything was touched.

Austin got a jump-start earlier this month by taking an old door he found in the basement, switching the hinges, and hanging it on the existing door frame for the new pantry (currently the back entrance & coat closet).  He also primed all the woodwork.

Today was the first really messy step.  Austin took out a double window from the current breakfast nook and replaced it with the single window we removed from the kids' bathroom upstairs almost two years ago.  We both hated the windows that were there because the they were left unfinished and were a huge pain to clean.  We also needed to make room for the washer/dryer that will eventually be stacked there for first floor laundry!

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