Thursday, June 20, 2013

George Wyth Beach

One thing on our summer bucket list was to return to George Wyth Beach in Cedar Falls.  We enjoyed going there several times last summer.  We had a free day, so I sent out an email and had a couple friends join us for a picnic lunch and an afternoon of swimming.

As usual, Lincoln was mostly a shore dweller content to dig in the sand with a shovel or his excavator.  Emily spent most of the time floating around on the blow-up tube (and has the tan lines to prove it!).  That meant I got to spend most of the time sitting in a beach chair under an umbrella chatting with friends.  I only got my feet wet once or twice. :o)

This was my brilliant new idea.  After exasperating hikes from the parking lot to the water last year trying to carry an unbelievable load of stuff with little to no help from the kids, I packed almost everything up into our big wagon, set it in the back of the van and pulled it from the parking lot to the beach.  Each kid was also assigned one light item.  It definitely helped that the water is much higher this year (less sand to hike across), and the air tires on the wagon are a must-have.  We will definitely be doing this again next time!

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