Friday, June 22, 2012

Soccer camp

One of the summer activities I signed Emily up for this summer was a mini soccer camp at Wartburg.  It was for 45 min. on MWF for two weeks.  About 25 kids ages 5-6 attended to learn basic soccer skills and terminology.  It was a good way to expose kids to the game and test the waters without jumping into a huge commitment.  I learned a lot, too, since I had almost no prior knowledge about the sport.

Emily had fun and was eager to attend and participate for the most part.  She was not overly aggressive, but did okay.  I could see her having fun playing recreationally.  It was the general consensus among the parents I sat by that they wanted to let their kid at least try soccer out and would be willing to go with it if they absolutely loved it, but were secretly hoping their kid didn't get into it so they wouldn't have to spend the next 10+ years traveling all over the territory every weekend playing endless numbers of games.  I think I'd have to agree. ;o)

Below are some snapshots of Emily on the last day (she's wearing pink shirt/black shorts).  There is also a video of the boys vs. girls "game" they played one day (she's wearing purple shorts/brown polka-dot tank top--yeah, she picked that one out herself).  You can hear Lincoln cheering beside me.  I was thankful on the two really hot, humid days they moved it from the football field into the air-conditioned field house. :o)

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