Thursday, June 21, 2012

VBS: Holopalooza

Our home church, Orchard Hill, puts on an amazing Vacation Bible School every summer.  However, after attending/volunteering last year, it was clear that driving 25 minutes to an evening program that runs past normal bedtime four nights in a row just wasn't going to work for the kids at these ages.  Emily still remembered going last year and asked about it, so I looked for a VBS program at a church in Waverly.  After the first one fell through, we learned about the Holopalooza at Grace Baptist Church, which was a take-off on Dr. Seuss characters.  One of the girls who had a big role in putting it together was in my Bible study in college and has babysat for us a few times. 

We missed the first night because of T-ball, but attended Tuesday-Thursday (which turned out to be plenty).  They did a fantastic job with all original programming and design (nothing out of a box).  There was a free family meal beforehand each night, which I took full advantage of since Austin was traveling out of town for work.  After family worship the kids went into classes/activities (Emily & Lincoln were in the same Pre-K/K class) for 90 minutes.  This gave me a much needed break to actually get some stuff done uninterrupted around the house.  Austin was home on the last night, so we had a mini date night and took a long walk together, which hasn't happened since our trip to Mexico in February.  Parents rejoined the kids at 8:00pm for closing worship and unfettered dancing in the aisles by the kids (see video in June play list).

It still got late, and the kids were cranky at bedtime, but they had a ball and begged to go back the next day.  The entire event was small with only about 30 kids total in attendance, but I hope to help spread the word next year for their great program!

These were some of the crafts the kids made in addition to bead bracelets and decorated prayer boxes.  The last night they talked about heaven, so the sticker drawing is Emily's picture of God (big with crown), her (small at bottom) and all the smiling people at the party in heaven.  :o)

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