Saturday, June 23, 2012

Birthday bike

Austin & Emily surprised me today with a brand new bike for my birthday!  I received a 10-speed mountain bike on my 10th birthday from my grandma and finally ditched it when I graduated from college nine years ago.  I haven't owned a bike since.  It's long overdue!  Emily did a great job of picking out a cool purple (my favorite color) bike AND keeping it a secret for two weeks (they first picked it out while running errands during the garage sale).

We took a family ride around the neighborhood to try it out.  Unfortunately, Lincoln just can't keep up on his little tricycle. :o(  Emily & I went on an hour long ride later in the afternoon and checked out some new trail extensions that just opened this week.  After the kids went to bed I took a solo trip at full speed to Fareway to grab something for lunch tomorrow.  What fun! 

I have a lead on a used bike trailer for Lincoln.  I can't wait to do more biking!

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