Sunday, June 24, 2012

A [painful] half marathon

Austin started running again this spring with the goal of improving his time in the Sturgis Falls Half Marathon in Cedar Falls.  He was doing great with his training and was on track to knock almost 15 minutes off his time.  However, about two weeks ago he started experiencing pain in his right foot.  A trip to the doctor last weekend revealed a negative x-ray with a diagnosis of Achilles Tendinitis.  Of course, the only real cure is rest, but Austin had worked so hard he decided to run the race anyway.

I literally dragged the kids out of bed after the race had already started so we could make it to the turnaround point at Gateway park around mile 10.  Austin was in a lot of pain the whole time, but he beat us to the finish line and came in at 1:55--only 2 minutes more than last year.  Now it's lots of rest, ice and Aleve!

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