Thursday, June 14, 2012

On skinned knees

Skinned knees are just a part of childhood.  I have already documented Lincoln's propensity towards and reaction to them (minimal tears, excitement over clean-up and bandages and an immediate return to play outside before I even throw away the wrappers).  This week Emily got her first skinned knee of the year.  It was pretty nasty, but you would have thought she was going to die.  She cried hysterically for 10 minutes, barely let me touch it to clean it up, sat like an invalid at the dinner table refusing to straighten it and wailed as she limped up the stairs to bed.  She continued to limp around for days and constantly held up her shorts/skirt for fear it would touch it.  She temporarily forgot about it while at soccer camp Wednesday afternoon, but remembered again afterward.  She has gradually started getting over it as it has scabbed over and started healing.  And to think we haven't even attempted to take the training wheels off her bike yet.  Heaven help us!

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